REFIND Glass Studio Singapore X Singapore Wildcat Action Group
Made for the SWAG ‘Hajat’ Auction 2021

For this wearable glass art piece, I wanted to capture the discomfort that these endangered wild animals are put through on a daily basis through active poaching. In order for us to understand the struggle that the Malayan Tigers undergo, I thought it was best to create a provocative wearable art piece that could mimic the physical weight of a chain around one’s neck. With this tangible weight, it gives the user a moment to reflect on the objectification we place on these wild animals, viewing them as prizes instead of a part of nature we should leave undisturbed. Despite the message behind this wearable piece, I wanted it to look elegant on the wearer or displayed as a hanging piece on the wall. The chain is made from borosilicate glass and is detachable to wear as a shorter necklace or doubled up to wear as a longer chain. There are a total of 129 links in this chain, measuring 2.5 metres long, made from a multitude of mixed colours that visually represent the Malayan Tiger and the landscape of South East Asian jungles. 

Photography by Haraldur Már Unnarsson