Liquid - a versatile and adaptable element capable of metamorphosis. The Líquida Dress is exactly that. It is a linen dress that allows for over ten different ways to be wrapped and worn, it is up to the imagination of the wearer. Inspired by braids and dappled light, this piece incorporates various intricate configurations of linen to be wrapped around the body, creating cut outs that conceal or expose skin just like light that filters through trees and hits a surface - some hidden some revealed. The sentiment behind this ensemble is driven by the tenaciously resilient women in my life - the women who have bent but never broke, bodies embellished with battle scars but worn proudly. They have taught me that an unflinched spirit and adaptability is imperative in overcoming any obstacle. This dress encourages creativity in the bearing process by allowing the wearer to indulge in an assortment of styles to fit their venture - an endless experimentation of one garment. An effortless look tied together with the timeless accent of a braid and adds depth to the textural quality of the material. A link to a video showcasing the top ten ways to wear The Líquida Dress is provided below.